Education Project

Welcome to our Education project. As a pilot project we have taken an initiative named “Help a Child”.

The idea:

The idea of this initiative is to help bright and needy young students from around Uttarakhand. Currently we are focused on students of primary education only.

How does it function:

We collect donations at our central office:

Uttara World Wide,
Near Naini Vidya Peeth,
Post – Kathgharia,
Uncha pool, Haldwani,
India – 263139

After collecting the contributions, the purchase of necessary goods is made and distributed to the students. Finally the whole account details are posted on this site.

How can you help:

Just explore the list of needy kids bellow. If you wish to support any students from the list, just click the photo and fill the form. We will contact you for further process.

Note: To prevent the child from exploitation, we discourage personal contact between donor and the child. Meeting in presence of UWW members and school teacher is appreciated.


One Response to “About”

  1. Sam Says:

    Please have a look at the Uttarakhand Worldwide website at http://www.uttaranchal.org.uk

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